Hi there, I'm Jack!

• Seeking for full-time Software Engineer positions, 2018.
• Data Science Researcher at the RAISE Lab.
• Master Student in Computer Science at NC State University.

I am now on the job market seeking for Software Engineer and Data Science related positions. My expected graduation date from NC State University is May, 2018. In 2015, I got my bachelor degree of Electronic Information Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China.

Interned at LexisNexis(Raleigh) for nearly one year and Google(Mounatin View) for the last summer. Currently, I am working with Dr. Timothy J. Menzies at the RAISE Lab.

In my spare time, I love running and working out. Rock'n Roll is my favorite music, which inspires me and gives me energy.

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Degree Major University Year
M.S. Computer Science NC State University 2015 – 2018
B.E. Electronic Engineering University of Sci. and Tech. of China 2011 – 2015


Research Assistant

Teaching Assistant


  1. Jing Zhu, Xiaoliang Chen, Di Chen, Shilin Zhu, and Zuqing Zhu:
    “Service Provisioning with Energy-Aware Regenerator Allocation in Multi-Domain EONs”, accepted for presenting in IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), pp. 1-6, Dec. 2015
  2. Xiaoliang Chen, Shilin Zhu, Di Chen, Shuguang Hu, Chang Li, and Zuqing Zhu:
    “On Efficient Protection Design for Dynamic Multipath Provisioning in Elastic Optical Networks”, in Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Optical Networking Design and Modeling (ONDM) 2015, pp. 251-256, May 2015


  • Graduate Merit Fellowship ($10,000), NC State University. (2015)
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship of USTC. (Bronze for 2011-2012, Silver for 2013-2014)
  • Second Award in the Electronic Design Competition, USTC. (2013)
  • Outstanding Freshman Scholarship of USTC. (2011)


Industry-Based Text Mining Practice on Email Signature Extraction.     (02.2016 - 08-2016)

Co-op program by LexisNexis Inc. at RDU and NC State University .

Motivation :
The analysis of locating and extracting salutation and signature blocks from emails has many potential applications, such as entity attributes extracting, person entity based email social network analysis, anonymization of email corpora, improving automatic content-based email classifiers and email threading. So we focus on the problem of automatically locating salutation and signature blocks in the body of plain-text emails.
My Contribution: (Expand to see more.)

Innovation Design Project: Easy Family Communication.     (09.2014 - 06.2015)

Co-op program by Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and University of Science and Technology of China(USTC).

Motivation :
There are many old people in China, with children working far away from them, cannot use the computer or smart phone well, so the only way for them to communicate with their children for them is to make a phone call to their children, or even just wait to be called by their children. To reduce their loneliness, to enhance the relationship of their family and to let technology makes their life better, we want to develop a product that is easy for them to use to have video chat with their family anytime they want.
Features: (Expand to see more.)

Service Provisioning with Energy-Aware Regenerator Allocation in Multi-Domain EONs    (2014.11 to 06.2015)

Undergraduate Research Assistant at Large-Scale Networking and Computing Lab led by Dr.Zhu Zuqing at USTC.

My Contributions:
☆Improved the performance of the STC algorithm, to realize the joint optimization of RMSA and regenerator allocation for improving the power efficiency
☆Evaluated the proposed algorithms with extensive simulations to demonstrate their efficiency. Abstract:
As multi-domain elastic optical networks (EONs) can enhance network scalability, extend service reach, and accommodate the inter-operability issues, it is very relevant to consider them in practical network operations. (Expand to see more.)

Independent Research Project: Joint Defragmentation for Multi-Domain Software-Defined Elastic Optical Networks (SD-EONs)      (05.2014 - 05.2015)

National Innovation Program, funded for ¥20,000 by Ministry of Education of the P. R. C.

My Contributions:
☆As the team leader of three, I applied for the National Innovation Training Program for College Students, and our proposal got funded by Ministry of Education of the P. R. C. for ¥20,000
☆Designed a algorithm based on a novel architecture to jointly reduce the fragmentation in multi-domain SD-EONs for the first time, and network performance yielded a noticeable gain. Abstract:
Defragmentation (DF) has been an important issue in Elastic Optical Networks (EONs), but, to the best of our knowledge, all the published related works only deal with DF in a single domain. (Expand to see more.)

On Efficient Protection Design for Dynamic Multipath Provisioning in Elastic Optical Networks   (11.2013 to 9.2014)    See the detailed paper here.

Research Assistant at Large-Scale Networking and Computing Lab led by Dr.Zhu Zuqing at USTC.

My Contributions:
☆Improved the simulation program which was wrote to test the performance of our protection design, and lower the time complexity from O(M*N) to O(M), by changing the data structure and by letting the frequently used part be computed and saved in advance.
☆Modified the PWCE-MPP design with my partners by limiting the differences among the working and backup paths. This modified design could further improve the provision efficiency in EONs and hence provide better BBP performance, and obtained the best trade-off between BBP and average MPD
Abstract-Multipath provisioning (MPP) in elastic optical networks (EONs) can improve the network performance effectively. In this paper, we study the protection schemes for MPP to ensure 100% restoration against single-link failures. (Expand to see more.)

A Few More Small Projects

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